2011-10-10_19.20.31Perhaps you have seen him; the lone Native astride his horse, head and shoulders bent in overwhelming sadness. The piece is entitled “One More Day”. Although there were to be more, the days were numbered. The final days are here. The Native has disappeared from this, his land. He does not decorate the school walls at Thanksgiving. He does not weep for the filth in his lakes and streams. He no longer is portrayed as the “Keeper of the Earth”. It is as they promised; he seems to have vanished.

It is for this reason that I realized that a website of this nature would serve a necessary purpose. Thus I invite you to participate, share and enjoy.

You will have various categories such as current news, history, a photo gallery, recipes, and anything that you might suggest. Your interest and commentary will be appreciated.

Much of what you will learn will come as a surprise to you. The Native or what I prefer referring to as the Indigenous person of the Americas and Canada has been disguised, revised and reinvented almost to the point of extinction.

For the past twenty-two years, I have produced innumerable programs by means of QPTV and MNN to introduce Natives from all over the US and Canada.
They have performed their traditional dances and demonstrated their superb skills in arts and crafts. Much of the information presented was of great benefit to the society at large.
These I intend to repeat.

To the memory of my wonderful Native parents and their parents of yore, I give you…

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